Souther Soul R&B

Southern Soul / R&B

Avail Hollywood

In an era of declining songwriting skills, and auto tune crooning Avail Hollywood embodies the best traditions of American music as a vocalist, songwriter and producer. He uses classic materials to create music as contemporary as Siri’s iPhone voice. Despite selling Thousands of recordings and writing classic songs for himself and many others, this East-Texas based singer-songwriter age35, continues to push his are forward with Skill-King, a dynamic nine song collection that is part of his extraordinary 2019 – The Year of the King of Grown-folk music.

Along with his remarkable new album, Avail Hollywood is taking to the road, and air like never before with hundreds of highly anticipated tour dates all over the states- coast to coast.

Still King continues the homage to classic soul/R&B that distinguished 2018’s critically acclaimed Good Whiskey CD, not to mention 2016’s Old Skool Kinda Girl CD that brought forth the multi-million streaming song: Twenty Five & Up. But where this album celebrates the music of the ’50s and ’60s, this has a wider collection of musical inspirations, going to sounds that echo Ray Charles, while evoking the passionate magic of Teddy Pendergrass, Berry White and R. Kelly among many others. The content and title of this new recording were definitely inspired by the triumph of the previous album Good Whisky.

The songs on Still King do not simply pay homage to older styles, but evoke a myriad of influences at the same time and in the process create something pleasing and new. “I have many directions I still wanna go in musically,” he says of where he is creatively. “This just happened to be a direction I choose for now because the first album did so well people started asking me if I was gonna be doing any other songs like that… Through those questions I found a second wind of inspiration in the area of doing the classic R&B type of songs.”