Javon Whitlock AND Michael Calvin Jr.


Javon Whitlock

Javon Whitlock has effortlessly been winning audiences over all across the country with his unique blend of storytelling and hilariously absurd view on life. His creative imagination leads to hysterical material about everything from his finely tuned observations on relationships, workplace etiquette, to coming across a crackhead with a genie. Javon’s relaxed conversational style of comedy and engaging crowd interaction will leave you feeling like you have been sitting on the couch in his living room, as you try to catch your breath from laughter.

Michael Calvin Jr.

Michael Calvin Jr. has been tearing up comedy stages all over the USA since 2006. His professional personality, wild and fun stage presence makes new fans for him wherever he goes from Tommy T’s (Rancho Cordova, CA), Liquid Laughs (Boise, ID), Punchline Atlanta, to the San Jose Improv. His love of comedy is infectious and his smile is magnetic.