• Fundraising


Fundraise at Tommy T’s

Tommy T’s Rancho Cordova can help you raise money for your school, sports, charity and non profit organizations. We will give you a percent of the total ticket money you sell for your event!


  1. Pick a couple weekend nights you would like to hold your event.
  2. Email infotommytsrancho@yahoo.com the dates and we will check our calendars to see if those comedians are a non special event and are a good fit for your event.
  3. Come in to Tommy T’s Rancho Cordova with your non profit Tax ID # and pick up and sign for your tickets.
  4. Start Selling:)
  5. 3 days before your event you will need to turn in all monies (cash and checks made to Tommy T’s Rancho Cordova).
  6. We can still sell tickets up to the night of your event.
  7. After all checks have cleared (usually 3 days) you will receive your check for a percent of the total tickets sales you sold for your event.


  • *You sell your ticket for $20 per person.
  • *You get $15 of the ticket sale.
  • *Tommy T’s gets $5 of the ticket sale.

(You may bring silent auction items to raffle off as well to help your cause make more $$)

Remember to tell your guests that there is a 2 item minimum per person requirement and we are a Full Restaurant and Bar. So come Hungry and ready to have laugh!

Tommy T’s Rancho Cordova will organize a night of fun and laughter while you raise $$ for your cause!